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4 Wire Tach Wiring - Wiring Diagram Data: Wiring Wiring Diagram » 4 Wire Tach Diagram. 4 Wire Tach • Pro P Tach Wiring Basic Diagram • Auto Meter Tachometer Wiring Diagram Autometer Monster • 44 Elegant 4 Wire Tachometer Installation Wiring Diagram Collection • 44 Elegant 4 Wire Tachometer Installation M35 Ac Wiring Diagram Dcwest • 4 Wire Tach Wiring. Jan 29, 2016  · The wire color would be red-light green stripe that goes to the + side of the coil. At the back of the tach its a 2 pin plug with the same wire colors. This is the stock setup, you would have modified it for the ignition box.. Feb 25, 2009  · 4" tach wiring on 2009 FXDC. Discussion in 'Electrical' started by parador, Feb 25, 2009. parador New Member. 3 11 0. I have part 71960-08 which is an 18" wire harness from tach(12 pin packard ) to a 6 pin deutch connector. No problem with the tach end as the packard plugs straight into the tach..

Tachometer Wiring help? Hi Guys, I have a 3 clock style dash, however unfortunately the tachometer (rev counter) isn't functioning properly. There are two connectors, one spade and one bullet. had a look, and my tachometer looks to be not connected at all. On the coil negative side i've got a black and white wire going to to the. Note: Your tach’s power supply should be a keyed 12V+ source. So simply use the resistor as a “jumper” between the main 12V+ supply to the tach and the incoming tach signal wire.. Dec 07, 2014  · Looking at the wiring diagram in the '07 Dyna Service Manual, there are five wires coming out of the FXDL stock tachometer. Orange - #1 on the tach to #6 on the main harness They tell me there is a pink wire going to the speedometer I should splice into and hook the pink wire from the tach to. But there is no pink wire going to my speedo..

Nov 14, 2013  · The 4 wire tach (240Z tach) uses a current sensing circuit on the positive side of the coil. With the original points type distributor the +12V (black wire) connected to the ballast resistor.. The tach instructions said to wrap the red wire around the cable 3-4 times. The tachometer worked, but the idle was erratic. I eventually added a couple of extra turns to make the reading more stable.. Dec 09, 2017  · Green to Distributor Negative ("TACH" plug). That's the way I wired it up. And don't forget the Little Cylinder Selector Switch on the back of almost EVERY Tach ever made, if.

Feb 14, 2013  · Well, took the tach apart while watching the 49rs (Superbowl) play catch up. Inside was a number; 3-5660. The white wire looked more like a faded green inside and it was soldered to the circuit board. The black and red wire went directly to the light bulb socket (single terminal bulb connector ohmed out to the red wire).. May 03, 2014  · Well, I went out and dropped big bucks ($5) on a Sun Super Tach II from a guy I know. He had it in his truck for a while, but took it out a few months ago. He doesn't remember where the wires are suppose to go.. Autometer Tach Wiring Question March 26th, 2016, 02:30 PM I have an Autometer 10,000 rpm tach and in the wiring instructions it says that for one of the terminals(3rd one in from the left in the diagram below) that it goes to a 12v Key On source or to the Dash Lighting Circuit..

3. Connect the + 12 volt wire from the sw 4. Connect the wire from the light switch to the remaining terminal on the lamp socket. 5. Connect the wire from the ignition coil, as shown in Diagram D to the #2 terminal on t 6. At this point, the installation and wiring of your tachometer. Jul 12, 2012  · I recently wired my '68 Charger, which has the 440, but mine was a tic-toc-tac. Most tachometers are similar, one wire for the power going to the fuse box and the other going to the coil which was the - negative side for mine..

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